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India's Short Term Industry Immersion Exchange Program (ISTEP)
Ranked and rated as one of the “top 3 International exchange programmes” across all parameters by many ranking agencies , IMT, Ghaziabad India is a well-known Business School known for global exchange and mobility programs in India. Its focus on inbound and outbound exchange programs ensures a truly international experience for students studying at the Ghaziabad campus.  
ISTEP is just not an academic exchange, but a complete industry immersion programme, making it a more comprehensive outlook of business than a regular academic exchange, that too in a condensed time capsule.For ISTEP programmes, we keep on inviting applications at a regular interval. After a screening process, we finalize the students and after mutual agreement, we extend our invitations to them. We offer lucrative opportunities related to the interest of the participants, provide them internship opportunities, lectures by top industry experts which provides knowledge in terms of doing business in India. It also includes cultural diversified visits to northern part of India like Taj Mahal, Red fort, Delhi tour, Yoga centres, visit to Indian Parliaments, Visit to Supreme court of India, top Indian IT companies visits, rural indian villages as per the needs of the visitors . The participants are also provided an opportunity to get involved in research based projects with IMT students.

Other formats of ISTEP
a)  Dual country STEP certificate program involving Dubai and India. b) We could also design short programs for students with corporate or entrepreneurial experience where they could put their skill for providing solutions to the industry.
c) Practicum opportunities – To look for solutions to consulting projects or tasks by forming student teams comprising of your students and IMT students, and on the successful completion of which credits could be awarded. This helps students to put their theories to test and gain practical experience.
e)  Entrepreneurship and family business management – Collaboration between both institutes in the courses regarding entrepreneurship and family businesses as a part of the effort to keep with the changes in the ever changing curriculum of management education. With many students today venturing out as entrepreneurs and others acquiring management education to expand family businesses, these perspectives become vital ingredients. Students would be given projects related to this in this short duration coupled with field trips.
We  suggest Sep-Feb season is very good for India, from climate point of view. IMT Ghaziabad’s is very close to Delhi and Agra which is one of the reason we host many students for such kind of programs.

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