Mevlana Exchange Program Applications has started. Here are the announcement and the required documents that needs to be filled in for application. Please note that missing documents will lead to the rejection of the applicants. There is one important thing for the students. They need to take a Turkish exam which should be carried out by your institution and then they should submit their grades to University of Balıkesir. Other information is available in the announcement (please try to read every detail carefully). 




Application Documents for Students:
  Candidate Student Application Form
•  Transcript of Records (If the student does not have a GPA on the transcript of records, his/her
application will not be taken into consideration).
•  National ID or passport copy
•  An exam grade from a Turkish language exam which has been carried out by the university for Mevlana
Exchange Programme
Application Documents for Lecturers:
•  Academic Staff Information Form
• (If available) A document showing the level of language competency
•  An academic CV


The requirements for being a Mevlana Exchange Programme Student
•Not having participated in Mevlana Exchange Programme before to be studying at associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree or phd degree of higher
education programmes,
•Grade point average (GPA) of associate degree and undergraduate students must be at least
2,5 on a four point scale,
•Grade point average (GPA) of graduate students (MA, PhD) must be at least 3.00 on a four
point scale,
•A good level of language for instruction at the host institution
•The students studying in their first year at associate or bac
preparation classes and scientific preparation programmes of graduate degrees
this programme at their first semester.


The requirements for being a Lecturer in Mevlana Exchange Programme
•Not having participated in Mevlana Exchange Programme before
•A good level of language for instruction at the host institution
•Research Assistants cannot benefit from Mevlana Exchange Programme as a lecturer but
they can benefit as a student
(A lecturer has to give at least 6 hours of lecture a weekApplication Documents for Students
•Candidate Student Application Form
•Transkript of Records

Application Documents for Lecturers
Academic Staff Information Form
•(If available)A document showing your level of language competency

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