TEMPUS Project 145677-2008-RS-SMGR

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Project Management

The project shall be managed by the Management Team consisting of the contact persons from each project partner. Overall project realization shall be coordinated by the grant applicant, while the mentioned representatives of each partner institution shall be responsible for the realization of project objectives within their respective institutions, naturally, with consent and after consultations with the whole team. The project management is foreseen through the four consortium meetings at the main points of the project realization and through the constant email and written communications. The two out of the four consortium meetings (the initial and final ones) are predicted to be simultaneously with workshops and dissemination seminar, respectively.

From each Serbian participating university the highest management staff will be directly involved in project realization (rectors of University of Nis and Kragujevac, vice rectors of other participating universities). The same goes for EU partner universities (rectors of Universities of Zilina and Sofia and director of the Institute from University of Middlesex).

The highest authority in Higher education in Serbia – National Council for Higher Education has also its member in the consortium.

All of this guarantess responsible and determined management. The risk is potential political instability in Serbia and possibility that some of the rectors will end their mandates before project completion.