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Regional Conference: Quality Matters

The final activity in the SIQAS (Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities) TEMPUS project - a regional conference:




Date: 29-30 March 2012

Venue: University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 1

Participants: coordinators of quality assurance Tempus projects in Serbia, contact persons and teams of all quality assurance projects in the country and in the region (Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia), representatives of EUA, the Bologna secretariat and the ENQA and Ministry of Education and Science.

Target audience: representatives of all state and private universities, higher schools, stakeholders, students, and general academic public of Serbia.


The Regional Conference, scheduled for 29-30 March, will mark the closing of the three-year TEMPUS projects "Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities". It will be focused on internal quality assurance at HE institutions and accompanied by an interactive workshop "Let's Make Quality Assurance Work! Integration of quality assurance - sharing best practices and indentifying concerns" organized by Dr. Mike Dawney from Middlesex University, London.




You can download presentations of participants using following links:

1. HERE's Seminar on Improvement of Writing and Assessment of Learning Outcomes - Ibolya Gera, Jasmina Nikolic, Nenad Jovanovic

2. European Union standards for accreditation of study programmes on BiH universities

3. Actual Quality Assurance as Output of EU Projects - Jan Bujnak

4. CONGRAD Project Presentation - Predrag Lažetić

5. Assuring the quality of distance education at higher education institutions at Western Balkan - Radojka Krneta

6. EU standards for accreditation of study programs on BH Universities - Dejan Bokonjic

7. Montenegro qualification framework and quality assurance in higher education - Dragica Andjelić

8. Assessing student participation in governance and management in HE institutions towards improved QA - Nenad Jovanović

9. Quality Assurance in Bulgarian higher education - Anastas Gerdjikov

10. From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development - Dino Mujkić

11. SIQAS – Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities

12. Integration of quality assurance in Higher Education - sharing best practice and identifying concerns - Mike Dawney

13. Strengthening Quality Assurance System within Western Balkans HEIs in Support of National and Regional Planning - Darko Mitić

14. International accreditation of engineering studies and its impact on quality assurance systems of Serbian technical faculties - Miloš Nedeljković, Milan Matijević, Žarko Ćojbašić, Milan Ristanović