TEMPUS Project 145677-2008-RS-SMGR

Scheduled events:

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Download Work Plan for project

1.0 Internal Quality Assurance framework for Serbian universities outlined

1.1 Workshop I:  IQA State of the Art at Serbian Universities review

1.2 Training visit I - University of Zilina, Zilina,  SK

1.3 Training visit II – University of St.Kliment Ohridski, Sophia, BG

1.4 Training visit III - Middlesex University, London, UK

1.5 Training visits’ Reports Writing and Publishing

1.6 Seminar I: Presentation of training visits’ results to academic community

1.7 EU partners’ visits for sharing expertise (all Serbian PPs)

1.8 Local partners’ visits to present results and seek guidance (EU PPs)

1.9 IQA manuals writing and publishing

2.0 Centers for IQA established and adequately equipped at each partner country university

2.1 Equipment purchasing

2.2 IQA Centres’ Statutory Acts Writing

2.3 Adoption and publicising of universities’ IQACs' Statutory Acts

3.0 Information system for support of IQ evaluations and data analyses established at each university

3.1 Defining IQA indicators

3.2 Software acquiring and adapting

3.3 IQA centres staff trained for information system operating

4.0 Teaching staff, administrative staff and students fully educated about and actively participating in all    the IQA activities

4.1 Defining proposed measures (standards and procedures) for IQA

4.2 Seminars for students and administrative staff

4.3 Self-evaluation workshops

4.4 Pilot Self-evaluations

4.5 Seminar II: IQA Centres’ Documents, presentation to  aca¬demic community and review by EU experts (Novi Pazar)

4.6 a,b,c Seminar III: Students’ Education in IQA Standards and Procedures (KG, NI, BG) (a, b, c)

4.7 Seminar IV: Training of Young Teaching Staff in Teaching and Learning Techniques (Belgrade)

4.8 Workshop II: Administrative staff training in IQA Standards  and Procedures (Novi Sad)

4.9 Workshop III: Teaching staff  training in IQA Standards and Procedures (Belgrade)

4.10 Seminar V: Achieving Quality Enhancement: Theory and Practice

5.0 Project results disseminated to HE community and interested stakeholders

5.1 Web site creating and maintaining

5.2 Promotional material with current project results printed on it

5.3 Dissemination events

5.4 Self-evaluation comparative analysis report

5.5 Final Conference (Nis)

5.6 Regional Conference (Belgrade)

6.0 Project sustainability ensured

6.1 Regular reports of the Consortium to QCC

6.2 Project results presentation to National Council for Higher Education (GH + 1 PP)

6.3 Project results presentation to Ministry of Education (GH + 1 PP)

7.0 Project quality control provided

7.1 Quality Control Committee meeting I (constitutive) (e-mail communications)

7.2 Quality Control Committee meeting II (e-mail communications)

7.3 Regular reports on all planned activities by CG to PPs

7.4 Regular reports on all realised activities by PPs to CG

7.5 SIQAS Synergy Workshops (inter-project coaching)

7.6 Quality Control Committee meeting III (e-mail communications)

7.7 Quality Control Committee meeting IV

7.8 Quality Control Committee meeting V

8.0 Project management conducted successfully

8.1 Consortium meeting I (collocated with Workshop 1)

8.2 Consortium meeting II (collocated with Seminar 1)

8.3 Partnership Agreement signed by all PPs

8.4 Regular meetings of CG to discuss current issues and coordinate activities

8.5 Regular financial reports of Grantholder to Consortium

8.6 Consortium meeting III (London)

8.7 Interim report writing and submitting

8.8 Consortium meeting IV (Nis)

8.9 TEMPUS project representatives annual meeting

8.10 Project management Activities

8.11 Final report writing and submitting